About Sweet P Web Development

sweetp-logoSweet P Web Development is dedicated to making websites that are more than just a pretty placeholder on the web. That is why Sweet P Web Development isn’t just another web design firm, we are a web development firm  focusing on the premise that a website should be powerful tool to help you build and grow your business.  Of course, Sweet P does great web design, but a Sweet P Website is also built to serve your business and your marketing plan in order to help you develop your business on the web.

What We Do

What I Do:

I start by building your site on a powerful, but simple CMS system, which makes your site flexible, scalable, and accessible. Then I can help you take it further by helping you develop a comprehensive internet marketing strategy to meet your business goals. This internet marketing strategy includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content writing, blog writing, and more. But more than that, it also requires that we really understand your business and marketing goals. Part of what makes Sweet P different is that my background is in business and marketing, so I truly understand how a website should serve your business, and not the other way around. I get how a website is a tool to accomplish marketing goals and initiatives and, more importantly, how to make it work for you to do that.

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Who We Are

Who I Am:

Sweet P Web Development is the brainchild of Kory Samson. I have a degree form Fort Lewis College in, and have devoted most of my professional development to, the science and art of Marketing. I have a 20 year background in sales and have spent the last 8 years as a Director of Sales, Marketing and Web Development for a Durango local online tourism business before finally dedicating myself completely to web development in early 2015. During my time in this position, I discovered not only the power of a successful Internet marketing strategy, but also the great satisfaction I get from creating intuitive, beautiful, and functional websites. I have learned that building successful sites requires so much more than a “build it and they will come” mindset. A great site requires the same dedication and well thought out strategy that the rest of your business and marketing plan requires and I bring my years of experience and knowledge to my clients.

My business model is built around really understanding your business and aligning your Internet marketing plan with the rest of your marketing plan. Your website is the same as any other component of your marketing plan. First you segment, then you target, then you position your business. All of our efforts have to serve the businesses overarching goals and mission so each project starts from the top and gets broken down from mission, to strategies, to tactics. Too often websites become disconnected from the rest of the business and my goal and strength is bringing the two back together to form a cohesive and well-designed internet marketing plan.

On a more personal level, I am a straight shooter. I pride myself on honesty, integrity, and diligence which I bring to the table for every client. I am truly dedicated to helping you succeed in your internet marketing strategy. I also find that one of my great strengths my understanding and acknowledgement that I can serve you best when we both know what I am, as well as what I am not…

Who We Are Not

Who I Am Not:

Sweet P Web Development strives on knowing what we are great at, and what we are not. I am great at marketing, great at business, and great at straightforward web design for small to medium sized businesses. I am also good at letting people do what they do best. That said, here are some things that I am not:

  • I am not a graphic designer. I always wished I was an artist, but that gene skipped me over…  I like pretty things as much as the next person and can help to create a visually appealing web presence and have even done some logo and art design, but that is not my core strength.
  • I am not a programmer. I speak marketing, not code…  I can write pretty code for WordPress to create unique functionality, to create custom page templates as well as CSS to pretty things up,  but I don’t specialize in ground up programming.  Not sure if you need that or not?  No problem.  I can talk over the scope of your project with you and tell you honestly what I can and cannot do to fit your needs.
  • I don’t promise what I cannot deliver. I leave the fancy sales pitch at the used car lot…
  • I am not the cheapest, nor am I the most expensive solution out there. I talk value, not price…
  • I don’t take your money without delivering. I am straight forward and honest…

All those things said, I am affordable, competent, and solution focused.  Also, having always been nerds in school, I also have a great network of very talented people that I work with to solve the problems that I can’t, so that we can find creative solutions for your needs that are timely and affordable. I will prove that we can give you the absolute best value that your dollar can buy for your web development project.

What's Up With The Sweet P?

What’s Up With The Sweet P?

Sweet P is the name I chose for my web development venture in because it was a long time nickname of my daughter Penelope. My sweet P has been an inspiration to me in more ways than I can count and she has given me the strength and courage to pursue my passion. Watching her overcome her frustrations and fears as she developed even the most basic of motor skills (let alone the huge milestones of language, social skills, walking, etc.) reminded me that I used to possess that same fortitude. That I could once again cast aside my fears and self doubt and create something that I could be proud of as well as something that allows me to help other people create something that they can be proud of. So, the name Sweet P is in homage to my Penelope and to her spirit of adventure and fearlessness that lives in all of us. Thanks P!