Flying J Naturally

Flying J Naturally is a horse ranch in Mancos, CO specializing in raising, training, and showing horses naturally.  What is natural horsemanship?  We didn’t know either but it is an innovative way to interact with and train horses in much the same way as they learn in nature.    We don’t know a lot about horses, but we certainly know web presentation and there is no doubt that their old website was not doing their beautiful horses and innovative training methods and workshops justice.

They originally approached us about doing some SEO work to help the site in search rankings but the more that we dug, the more issues there were with the back-end and they really simply wanted to polish their presentation as well as make the site more intuitive and useful for both the front end user as well as the administrators.  So we created a brand new site that is packed with great features, a clean responsive design (so it looks great on phones, tablets and computer screens), specialized video posts for their training and horse for sale videos, special categories for searching horses for sale and horses to stud, and much more.

We think the site turned out great.  Have a look and let us know what you think…

Visit the site at

Flying J Naturally Horesmanship