Rescue Property Services

Rescue Property Services provides comprehensive property maintenance and building services, both residential and commercial, throughout Durango.  Rescue Property Services provides ice and snow removal, fence construction, fire mitigation service, excavation, pole barn construction and maintenance services in the greater Durango area.

RPS approached us because they needed a site redesign to showcase their services in a responsive format as well as a way to make it easier to update content and show off examples of their work.  The result was a new WordPress web redesign that gives them the power of responsive design as well as content flexibility and, most importantly, search engine optimization (SEO).  In a saturated marketplace, their SEO strategy was paramount so we also included an SEO overhaul which takes them consistently to the front page of Google with relevant searches  (try for yourself with the keywords Durango snow removal).

We think the new design offers a clean, professional look all while providing an easy interface and the power of the WordPress CMS behind it.

Check it out at!

Rescue Property Services in Durango