Web Design Services

Content Management System Web DesignA Sweet P website always has at least one thing in common with one another… Our sites are built under the principle that form should follow function. A website should have a smart and intuitive architecture, it should be SEO friendly, and most of all, it should be built so that it can grow with your business.

To accomplish this, we start by building all of our sites on robust content management systems (CMS) platform because that allows our sites to be flexible, scalable, and accessible to our clients.

Our sites are flexible because we use well known, well tested open source CMS platforms to design the architecture. Specifically, we specialize in Drupal and WordPress web sites.

Why WordPress and Drupal? First, because we believe in efficiency and sticking to what we are best at. Charging you to re-building the wheel just doesn’t do it for us. As you can see on our about us page, we believe that knowing what you are not good at is just as important as knowing what you are good at. Entire communities of brilliant programmers have built these open source platforms with years of testing and hundreds of thousands of users to let us know that it is stable, reliable, and simple for the back and front-end user. Writing custom code and building a site from scratch just isn’t necessary 98% of the time so we let the programmers build the code and we specialize in leveraging their work to help our clients build their business.

Changing Your Websites ThemeSecond, these platforms are built to allow the functionality called theming (or skinning) of the site, which is basically the way to control the entire look as feel of your site. Utilizing themes, we can simply create custom CSS and PHP page templates to dynamically change the look and feel of your site and format your existing content so that it flows in. Why would you care about this? Well, would you want your kitchen to look the same as it did in 1970? We are guessing not. Well just like styles change, your business environment, branding and customer behaviors will likely change over time as well. Think of how much cheaper and easier it would be to change the paint and fixtures than it would be to gut the walls, plumbing, cabinetry, etc. The same is true with your website. With advanced theming, your site can remain fresh and responsive along with your business. Same site, same information, just completely different look and feel… Check out how this works with these examples below:

Finally, we build on popular CMS platforms because we believe that your site should be just that, yours. We know that we can earn your trust, loyalty and ultimately, your business. But if for some (albeit unimaginable) reason down the road, you decide to go another direction, your site will be built on a trusted platform that is not proprietary so it doesn’t have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Another benefit of a Sweet P site is that they are virtually infinitely scalable.  We utilize robust, open source CMS systems that have entire dedicated communities of creative developers which have developed, literally, hundreds of thousands of add-ons (known as plugins or modules) which can help you add rich functionality to your site in no time.

Want to add Ecommerce you your site? Maybe a rich multimedia platform? Want to add a secure client login for your customers? For almost any need, there is solution for that. The possibilities are almost infinite, so you can create a site that will grow with your business. Even better, this also means that you don’t have to pay us exorbitant fees to create custom code for you just to add functionality that you didn’t originally anticipate.

We also build websites on these CMS platforms to make them accessible to you and your team. We believe that a static web page is a thing of the past and that a site should be a living, growing, and producing tool. Let’s face it, no one knows your business like you do. So shouldn’t you be the one telling the story? We provide the training and the simple, secure log in process so that you or your marketing team can easily go into your site and change or create pages on demand. This means that you are always able to create content that meets your marketing initiatives and that can adapt to your branding, your sales, and your markets needs.

Have questions about your web design project? Want to scope it out? Contact us today and we will look forward to helping you create a custom solution for your needs!